Let's Build Your Complete Lead Gen Eco-System & Complete Lead Gen Website, That Works On Autopilot, Even While You Sleep 👾

Bringing in new leads 24/7, reactivating old clients, engaging with old cold leads & turning them back to warm, consistently churning out new reviews on your social accounts each week from your clients & that takes almost ZERO time to maintain once initially built 👇

I’m Good With Sales, But I’m Just Not Getting Enough Leads 🤷‍♂️

Been in this situation before 👆

Just not getting enough people booked in to really move the business forward & hit your desired targets?

Well this currently is the case for Frank & that is where we come in 💪

Frank does well with Facebook Ads, brining in a decent number of leads each week

But having all his eggs in one basket, is never a good idea when it comes to wanting to grow the fitness business

& why he signed up for the Lead Gen Eco-System 👾

By the end of the day, we had built 10 new ways to generate new leads into the fitness business

These 10 ways are also ways to pull leads in from prospects at different stages of the buyers journey

After all, not everyone is wanting to join your fitness business right now

To start, we build a FULLY OPTIMIZED Lead Gen Website to ensure you have a solid base to work from, then...

✅ We built lead magnet funnels

✅ We built quiz funnels

✅ We built free 5 day online challenge funnels

✅ We built Short, Long & a VSL landing pages

✅ We built referral systems

✅ We built client feedback/satisfaction systems

✅ We built case study funnels

To name just a few 💪

We then built the automations for all of them, including a 13 month nurturing series that will keep trying to get the prospect to book in 👊

The Lead Gen Eco-System Is An 8 Part System

It may sound a lot, because yeah, it really is, but…

Once we have it built for you, you just need to turn it on 🔘

Stage 1: Awareness

In this step, we look to build unlimited ways to generate new leads into your fitness business, no matter where the prospect is on their own buyers journey. Including your complete Lead Gen Website!

Stage 2: Long Term Nurture

Once we generate the lead, we then guide them on an automated 13 month automated series, building KLT & all focusing on getting this lead to book a consultation

Stage 3: Consultation Booking

Now the lead is booked in, it's all focused on getting the lead to turn up for their booking & making the process as smooth as possible in order for them to feel safe & ready to join

Stage 4: No-Sale

There will be times where the prospect doesn't buy, but this is where the no-sale series comes into play, to keep following up & building the KLT ready to get them booked in or presented with an offer

Stage 5: Direct to Payment

This section is all about catching the low hanging fruit, the people who have been on your list, following your social media or old clients ready to return. These are offers we can put out to collect those who just needed that nudge to buy from you

Stage 6: New Sign-Up

YES a new clients! Time to tidy everything up & get them moved on your new client journeys to allow them to have a smooth transition & develop into a long term client

Stage 7: Maximise

We now need to convert these clients into advocates, wanting to promote you to their friend & family, leaving you 5⭐️ reviews & giving you quality feedback on what you can improve in the business

Stage 8: Reactivation

We always need to be prepared for clients to leave, but then means we need to get them re-motivated to join back up when the time is right & this comes in the form of a 13 month reactivation automation that keeps checking in & having key touch-points to remind them that you are only a message away


I'm now more organised and efficient, thanks to LeadDec's amazing tools!

It's fantastic & will generate a consistent amount of leads, making life easier in terms of sales and booking.

I'm Really Impressed I Have To Say | It's Going To Make It Easier To Contact Leads

When I Looked At The Eco System, What Was Involved In It Actually Blew Me Away

My Fitness Business Has Seen A Remarkable Increase In Efficiency

You Can Even Turn The Eco-System Into A 1on1 Client Visit Day

Having us come to you to record all the videos & work even closer with you on your custom Lead Gen Eco-System build

The Lead Gen Eco-System & Website Pricing

All 3 options come with the Full Lead Gen Eco-System Snapshot, The Step By Step Course on How To Edit, Update & Launch, Plus Lifetime Support Group Chat & Lifetime Updates

PLEASE NOTE: You will need an active LeadDec account for this build!


Have the complete Lead Gen Eco-System & Website snapshot added directly in your account ready for you to edit & brand as you own.

PRICE: £1,200

Payment Plan: £500 + then 6 payments of £120


Let us set-up & build your Lead Gen Eco-System & Website in your account. We will work closely with you to gather all the content needed to launch in just 2 weeks

PRICE: £1,500

Payment Plan: £500 + then 6 payments of £170


We will come to you, with the cameras & set-up & build your Lead Gen Eco-System & Website in your account in just 1 day! Plus cover any additional task & leave you with a range of high res photos of your business to use on your social media

PRICE: £1,500 + Expenses (Travel & Hotel)

Payment Plan: £500 + then 6 payments of £170 + Expenses (Travel & Hotel)

Please Note The Payment Plan Option Includes A £20 Admin Fee

To Learn More or To Get Started, Simply Book A Call with David Below 👇

Proudly trusted by 100+ Studios, Gyms & FitPros from all over the world

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" I would 100% Recommend LeadDec , It's Like Having A Virtual PA"

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" It's All In One Place , Makes Your Life So Much Easier, It's Time Efficient"

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“It Make My Life Much Easier & The Cost Saving Also Helps” 👾

Ash Burleigh, founder PTDNinja & Online Personal Training Certification

🗣️ LeadDec has been a game-changer & transformed our business by consolidating all our systems, automating tasks, and providing excellent support. If you are looking for a software solution that can help you improve your business operations, I highly recommend LeadDec.

Disclaimer: while you are a member here at LeadDec, we will support, encourage & motivate you, to help you achieve your goals. But we need to make you aware that results will vary depending on a number of factors that we can't always control.

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