For Fitness Businesses & Studio Owners who are Sick of Struggling with Complicated Tech Platforms & NEED More Clients…

Generate More Leads, Make More Sales & Grow Your Fitness Business on Autopilot

LeadDec makes lead generation & sales for Fitness Businesses 10x faster & simpler by combining all your lead gen, marketing & sales software into one powerful "All In One" ready to go system

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Cancel Anytime, Access To 24/7 Support & Most of All

Proudly trusted by 100+ Studios, Gyms & FitPros from all over the world

You're Just A Few Clicks Away From Gaining Back More Time, Becoming More Successful Chasing Leads & Most Of All Making More Sales On Autopilot

  • Consistently Generate Leads by quickly & easily sending out email & text campaigns or use the social media scheduler to generate new interest in your fitness business. We even give you the templates

  • Qualify Leads & Book Appointments using the landing pages, applications forms & booking calendars to ensure you are only generating quality leads & bookings. We even give you the templates

  • Let The Automations Do The Heavy Lifting to follow up with new leads, ensure bookings turn up for their appointments & much more, with text, WhatsApp & emails all running on AutoPilot. AGAIN we even give you the templates

  • Highly Converting Facebook Ads Campaign from our library of proven winners, pre-loaded into your account, including the ads copy & creatives. Ready to launch with just a few clicks of a button, meaning you never have to log in to Ads Manager ever again.

  • Build Your Websites, Membership Sites & Courses to allow you to have a clear online presence & lead generation machine, while also increasing sales & client retention by selling clients onto courses & online memberships.

  • No-More Struggling for Ads Copy, Email Templates, Social Media Posts & much more with FREE access to the FitPro Portal! Contains all of our most advanced Lead Generation training techniques & templates, delivered in one easy format

  • Grow The Fitness Business You Desire with LiveChat support, Facebook Support Groups, 8 weekly Live Calls & Trainings. Plus you will be joining hundreds of other Fitness Business Owners from around the world who all have their own growth plans underway

Cancel Anytime, Access To 24/7 Support & Most of All

Proudly trusted by 100+ Studios, Gyms & FitPros from all over the world

"Everything In One Place & How Simple It Is To Use Was A Big Bonus"

"I would 100% Recommend LeadDec, It's Like Having A Virtual PA"

"I Love All The Automations, I Am Training My Clients & It's All Running In The Background"

"It's All In One Place, Makes Your Life So Much Easier, It's Time Efficient"

Created by FitPros for FitPros

Hi, I'm David Kyle, owner of LeadDec & fellow Fitness Business Owner with my own Over 30s studio in Cardiff, Wales.

I know the struggles of needing more leads & then doing everything to ensure they turn up for their consultations. Only to be left hanging with another no show...

I've spent £1000's on software, courses, and mentors trying to find a simpler way...

✅ a way that can predictably generate quality leads

a way that can ensure consultations turn up

a way that can do a load of the chasing for me

That also doesn't require a degree in computing to try and figure it all out and the ever-changing marketing scene

🤯 You know what I mean, one day you jump on social channels, then the next day, it's all changed

Enough was ENOUGH

There had to be another way

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Cancel Anytime, Access To 24/7 Support & Most of All

Proudly trusted by 100+ Studios, Gyms & FitPros from all over the world

Manage Your Leads Quicker, Easier & On Auto-Pilot

More Leads - More Appointments - More Sales

Lead & Sales Management Pipeline

Quickly see all your new leads, where they came from & where they are in your pipeline. Plus phone, text & email directly from the pipeline to ensure maximum conversion chances.

Effortlessly Send & Manage Payments

Effortlessly create payment links & sales page for all your payment needs, from a one-time payment to a subscription to a paid trial in just a few clicks. Plus send payment requests directly from the dashboard. All done using both Stripe & PayPal

Powerful & Time-Saving Automations & Workflows

This is what we call THE MAGIC OF LEADDEC!

Save even more time, get back to leads quicker & convert leads easier, without you having to even lift a finger with our powerful automations to make your lead gen struggles a thing of the past

Send Email & Text Broadcasts & Campaigns

Create beautiful email & text message campaigns, from bulk broadcasts or build email & text message sequences & automated campaigns to convert more of your leads

Easy To Use Drag & Drop Funnel Builder

Build all your funnels, landing pages, sales pages and much more in minutes with our super easy to use page builder or use many of our 'Tried & Tested' templates

Client Generating Website, Blog & Fully SEO Optimized

Use the pre-made templates or build your very own lead-generating websites, fully SEO optimized for maximum reach. Plus build know, like & trust with prospect with your own blog posts.

Build Client Membership Areas & Run Online Courses

Support clients, create online courses & store all your programmes with your very own online membership site. Running your own online fitness business has never been so easy!

Easily Manage Your Calendar & Take Bookings On The Go

From free consultations to paid appointments, you can easily book manage & send out your calendar links to prospects. Plus connect your calendars to powerful automation to save you even more time & ensure more prospects turn up for their appointments

LeadDec - The One Software To Replace Them All, Saving You Both Money & Time In The Process

➕ Get The FitPro Portal for FREE 🥳

Get Exclusive Access To Our Complete Step-by-Step Strategies To Bring In More Leads, Making More Sales & Freeing Up Your Time With The FitPro Portal!

Containing our most advanced Lead Generation training techniques & templates, to give you the complete system to help you first get to £10,000/pm then scale beyond.

The FitPro Portal will be ticket to getting 10+leads in 30-Days GUARANTEED - Without Paying Thousands a Month For a Marketing Agency!

✅ 'Tried & Tested' Ads copy swipes

✅ 30 Lead Gen Social media posts a month

✅ Canva social media templates & lead magnet ebooks

✅ 10 Monthly Lead Gen email newsletter

🤩 And much more...

*The FitPro Portal is Only Available To LeadDec 'All-Access' & 'LeadDec+' Members

Here is Nicole, owner of Empower Fitness – a ladies-only facility in Mystic, Connecticut giving her review.

Nicole joined as she was just about to open her first studio, with the aim of generating leads, making sales & growing her fitness business.

One year on, Nicole has grown her studio to over 60 clients.

Here is Simon, owner of C&S Fitness in Bridgwater giving his review.

Simon joined having just opened his first studio, he now has 2 bustling studios with over 200 clients.

In 1 Year, Simon Has Gone From 130 Clients To 210

Or there's Simon

Who added 50 + clients to his business and a thriving membership site:

“The FitPro Portal is by far the best group I’ve been in…Over the last year our business has grown from 160 members to 210, and with Dave’s help have created a membership site.

And work with people all over the world.

Here is Carrie, owner of MindsetBootcamp in Southampton giving his review.

"The FitPro Portal has saved me a fortune in outsourcing by giving me the social media, the ads, the guest interview, I need to grow my fitness business.

Such Amazing Value for Money, 5 Stars & Highly Recommended!

Here is Brendan, owner of B Fit Training in Glasgow giving his review.

Brendan joined The FitPro Portal with zero Facebook Ads experience, he has since been able to follow the ad set up videos & use the copy to generate leads.

Brendan Generated 3 x £169 Sales This Week, Off A £15 Ad Spend

Here is Mark, owner of Hyperformance in London giving his review.

Mark joined as a part time coach working full time as a delivery driver. Since joining Mark has gone from Full Time Delivery Driver...

To Full Time PT, with Zero Ads Spend

*The FitPro Portal is Only Available To LeadDec 'All-Access' & 'LeadDec+' Members

🤩 Eliminate Your Lead Gen Struggles FOREVER with LeadDec+ with Ads Manager 🤩

LeadDec+ with Ads Manager is like having your very own Facebook Ads agency working for you 24/7

This means you can create, run and manage your Facebook Ads from within LeadDec.

You can launch new campaigns with the press of a button.

We include a bundle of powerful, tried and tested and high-converting Ad campaigns pre-loaded for you.

These campaigns are constantly updated, so you will always have new copy, content and images to use.

All your ads run directly from LeadDec+, all your new leads come directly into LeadDec+.

What does LeadDec+ with Ads Manager mean for you?

✅ NEVER grapple with Facebook Ads Manager ever again.

✅ NEVER hurt your brain trying to create catchy, successful ad ‘hooks’ ever again.

✅ NEVER stress about writing ad copy or paying expensive copywriters ever again.

✅ NEVER waste hours on Canva or trying to find eye-catching, original photos for your ads ever again

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Cancel Anytime, Access To 24/7 Support & Most of All

Proudly trusted by 100+ Studios, Gyms & FitPros from all over the world

🚀 Why LeadDec Is Totally DIFFERENT To Any Other Software Out There 🚀

With LeadDec you don’t need to fork out an eye-watering amount of cash on 10 types of software.

In fact, you can get rid of every other piece of software like Active Campaign, ClickFunnels, Calendly, Typeform, the dreaded Google sheets and more.

Now, don’t get me wrong that software can help — but all these tools often make life confusing for personal trainers.

LeadDec combines ALL your lead gen, marketing and sales into one powerful and easy, ready to go system...

Everything from web builders, application forms and text messaging…To booking calendars, sales pages, pipelines and live chats.

Plus you get all the Facebook Ad copy and images, and find all your ad campaigns pre-loaded into the platform. All you need to do is press a button. No more struggling with Facebook Ads manager!

Allowing you a hands-free way to market, sell and deliver your services…

Without endless prospecting.

Without becoming a slave to the gym floor

And without forking out crazy cash for 10 types of confusing software every month.

🤩 LeadDec Can Quickly & Easily Replace

All Your Key Software 🤩

Click To Join LeadDec - LITE (FREE 14 Day Trial, Then £97 A Month)

Build your complete Lead Generation set-up, to help your generate more leads, more appointments & most of all more sales with LeadDec LITE.

Access all the tools you need to to build your own systems, funnels, automations, follow-ups, bookings & more to grow your fitness business

Plus access real-time LIVE support via chat or Zoom to answer & support you, including regular live trainings & insights from all other LeadDec members inside the private members Facebook group.

Honestly, you are just 2 clicks away from reducing your time, stress levels & increasing your daily flow of leads & bookings.


Click To Join LeadDec - ALL ACCESS (FREE 14 Day Trial, Then £147 A Month)

Ready to take your Lead Gen Eco-System & Client Experience to the next level? Then you are going to ❤️ LeadDec All Access

Take the stress out of having to build it all yourself, as we give you all our 'Tried & Tested' POWERFUL automations, lead gen funnels, ready to go emails & text messages, plus manage all your leads on the go.

Build your very own Lead Gen website or even better, use one of many pre-made templates, write your blogs to help with your Google search & let our powerful SEO features help get you ranked higher in Google. Plus sell, memberships & courses direct to clients with your brand new membership & course builder features.

Receive EXCLUSIVE automatic updates of all new content, templates, funnels & automations, direct into your account as an All-Access Member

Finally, No-More Struggling for Ads Copy, Email Templates, Social Media Posts & much more with FREE access to The FitPro Portal! Contains all of our most advanced Lead Generation training techniques & templates, delivered in one easy format (RRP: £47pm)


Click To Join LeadDec+ with Build In Facebook Ads Manager (FREE 14 Day Trial, Then £197 A Month)

If predictable, consistent leads is what you need, then LeadDec+ with build int Facebook Ads Manager is for you 💪

All the content from the All-Access + never having to login to Ads Manager again, with it now directly in your LeadDec account!

Never struggle to create Ads Copy or Creatives again, with our tried & tested ads loaded into your account

In just 3 clicks, you will have your Facebook Ads live & leads flowing into your LeadDec account ready for you to get them booked in & making sales

Like we said, if consistent leads is what you need, then you are going to kick yourself you never joined LeadDec+ with Ads Manager sooner

Finally, No-More Struggling for Ads Copy, Email Templates, Social Media Posts & much more with FREE access to The FitPro Portal! Contains all of our most advanced Lead Generation training techniques & templates, delivered in one easy format (RRP: £47pm)


Cancel Anytime, Access To 24/7 Support & Most of All

Proudly trusted by 100+ Studios, Gyms & FitPros from all over the world


For the smart people who read all the way to the bottom

What if I can't afford it?

We are that confident that you will make your return in no time at all, that we give you a you a 14 day FREE trial, plus another 30 day, "No-Questions-Asked" 100% money-back guarantee, if you don’t recoup your first months investment. Plus you can cancel anytime by simply sending us an email to:

Compare the cost to spending hundreds, if not thousands of pounds per month on a marketing agency or Facebook ads manager, along with 6 different types of software and wasting countless weeks trying to figure out how to work it all … Just 2 PT session a month, should cover the cost of LeadDec 💪

I’m useless with tech. Will this work for me?

When I created LeadDec, I had one vision:

To make getting leads as simple as possible. And that all starts with the software. Because I didn't have time to be messing around building websites, making content and always hunting for new clients. That’s why with LeadDec, you get everything a personal trainer ever needs to market, sell and deliver your services… Best of all you can handle and manage your business in our handy app.

Will LeadDec save me money?

Yes! Because all the lead-gen software you’ll ever need is bundled up into one ready to go, and affordable app, you don’t have to pay out monthly for 5, 6, or 7 different marketing software. But the software is also a money maker. As one happy user said - “Time saver and a money maker should be your slogan”

Does LeadDec make the sale for me?

Not quite… But we’ve done everything to make selling as easy as possible. How? The software and automations disqualify ‘tyre-kickers.’ That way you'll not speak to anyone who genuinely isn't interested in your services. Once you jump on the phone there should be NO need to qualify a lead. Which makes talking to prospects fun, enjoyable and profitable. Because it only brings you good fit clients for your business.

Can I cancel if I don't like it?

Absolutely. If for whatever reason you're not happy with the app, you can cancel within the first 14 days. Please note, if you do not cancel before the 14-day period, you'll be charged the full amount of your membership. However, even if you stay longer, you're not held into any contract, so you can cancel at any time. Just send an email to

What is The FitPro Portal?

The FitPro Portal houses all of our most advanced Lead Generation training techniques, guides, downloads & templates, which is regularly updated & delivered in one easy format. This membership is sold by our sister company FitPro Lead Gen for £47pm.

All LeadDec 'All-Access' & LeadDec '+ with Built In Ads Manager' members will get complete FREE access to The FitPro Portal, while members of leadDec.

If you’re sick and tired of complicated, confusing and expensive software that takes up too much of your precious time, and constantly under-delivers

Give yourself the simple, powerful and cost-effective competitive advantage.

Start your RISK-FREE trial today

Cancel Anytime, Access To 24/7 Support & Most of All

Proudly trusted by 100+ Studios, Gyms & FitPros from all over the world



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